I have advertised in BR for 3 consecutive months. We've been overload with calls. Although, the geographical area wasn't quite ours, but all people called were extremely interested in requesting that free estimate for Lawn Care and Management from our company

Since I started advertising in Business Reklama, the number or customers spoken Russian has been doubled. 75% of people called because of that ad, has already become our customers. Only 1-2 weeks since the first call to a signed agreement - a never-dreamed-of sales cycle! I am very impressed. Thank you. Sasha @WOM Communications, LLC

We provide children after school programs and school vacation programs at the animal farm. One visit to a Russian community event, plus a 3-month advertising in BR brought us 15 new families, each with 2 or more kids. We've also been successful advertising summer fair events through Russian Community. On average, we had 400+ more people than usual. We are very pleased with the results.

Since I came from Ukraine to Boston I have been subscribing to Business Reklama magazine. The magazine is very well organized and makes the information easily accessible. Business Reklama articles also provide pleasant reads. You guys are doing a great job with the magazine.
Boris F. from Newton

Since I've started my business, my sales ran so slow. Then, I've been contacted by Michael @ BR. He convinced me to try advertising for Russian community. At first, it was slow, as well, but then... EXPLOADED! Not only I am getting calls and visits from those who found us through this magazine, but I am also getting great generous referrals from them. The Referral network is very strong in this community, and I don't regret at all, even the first 3 slow months of being advertised there.

Thanks for your great magazine - I've never thought Russian Community is so large and so rich! Doing great so far! 2nd year advertising and counting!