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If you are considering expanding into new markets, we offer an amazing opportunity for non-Russian companies to reach new customers. We will help you to carve whole new multicultural market!


If you are looking for a cost effective and efficient paths to grow your business we can help you to be recognized by ethnic market. It's an amazing opportunity to reach thousands of new bilingual customers.


Business Reklama is the leading monthly publication for Russian-speaking people in New England that is distributed for FREE to Russian stores and business offices and trough direct mail. Don't limit your business to main stream clients.


Internet advertising can bring you thousands of new Russian-speaking customers.We will advertise your products and services on most popular Russian Internet portals and attract thousands of customers!

How We Work

We will attract new customers to your business

Our team of talented professionals will work together to create powerful and successful advertisements for you. Our market consultants, ad designers, writers, translators and web developers will help you to create unique ad that will bring more clients to your business from the Russian-speaking segment of New England's population. We are proud to offer complimentary design and translation services to all our costumers.

We will decrease your marketing expanses

Ethnic advertising is a non-traditional way of business promotion that presents many attractive alternatives. From print ads to web banner advertisements - we offer many options for any budget. Ethnic advertising is not expensive so reduce your advertising costs while maintain your advertising effectiveness.
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