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Business Reklama is an ethnic magazine dedicated to providing the Russian-speaking community of New England with complete and accurate information about the goods and services that they need and want. There are many Russian families living in this area that appreciate the value of ethnic media such as ours, enjoying the Russian language articles and relying upon the ethnic advertising to find their favorite Russian foods, or Russian-speaking professional services, or any of the products and services that they use on a daily basis.

Ethnic marketing, such as the advertising service provided by Business Reklama, provides a superb strategic advantage for non-Russian businesses that have previously only used general, main stream marketing. Your business may currently be an un-known entity for the Russian-speaking community in Boston, an ethnic market that includes over 100,000 people with an average yearly family income of $190,000.

Do not overlook the revenue potential of this financially stable segment of the New England population. Business Reklama is the leading ethnic magazine for Russian-speaking people in the New England area, with a direct mail subscriber list of 12,500, and free monthly publications available in thousands of local stores and offices. Any Russian business, non-Russian business, or ethnic advertising agency can reach thousands of new Russian-speaking customers and clients with the valuable assistance of Business Reklama. Our staff will gladly provide their talents to create your business' unique ad design, and provide translation services at no charge.