About TeleEx, Inc.

TeleEx, Inc. was founded with the goal of maintaining strong ties with our Russian heritage and building a bridge between the Russian-speaking community and American entrepreneurs. This is done by providing a full spectrum of multi-media advertising services. We are continually working to improve communications and achieve the most successful strategic advertising for both American and Russian-speaking businesses in New England. By utilizing our business' cultural and marketing expertise, your company can gain a strong foothold in the local Russian community.

With millions of Russian-speaking people now making their homes in the USA, and over 100,000 Russian-speaking members of the Greater Boston community, TeleEx, Inc. serves a vital function that connects these individuals with the products and services they use in their daily lives.

TeleEx, Inc. provides a priceless resource for businesses interested in selling their products and services to America's Russian-speaking community. Our professional team of translators, writers, and web-designers works diligently to create the most unique and effective advertisements that will attract new customers for your business.

Our History

TeleEx, Inc. was founded in 1998 in Boston, Massachusetts, and serves businesses in New England as well as many international entrepreneurs. The company continues to grow and expand, including both Russian-speaking and American advertising, writing, and web-development professionals on its staff.

In 2000,

TeleEx, Inc. founded RusNetUSA.com, a web portal for the company's Russianspeaking community that features many informative articles in addition to community events and advertisements for businesses catering to America's Russian community. During this year the company also established a website serving as a social-media forum for Russian-speaking women, ZhenSovet.com.

In 2002,

we established Business Reklama magazine, a Russian publication for New England (Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Maine, and Vermont) that serves to keep the Russian community informed with interesting articles and community events, as well as Russian advertisements for local goods and services ranging from ethnic groceries to legal services.

In 2003,

TeleEx, Inc. created BostonCatalog.com, an extensive directory of local-area businesses that has successfully bridged the gap between American businesses and the Russian-speaking community.

In 2004,

our company recognized the need for travel portals to assist both Russianspeaking and non-Russian speaking travelers in locating expert private guides around the world. As a result, Private-Guides.com (English) and BestPrivateGuides.com (Russian) were founded.

Since 2005,

TeleEx, Inc. expanded to offer services in web design and marketing to assist clients in all types of businesses and promote their companies on the Internet.