Multi-Cultural Marketing

Advertisement in Russian Magazine

Expand your customer base by placing cost-effective and successful advertisements in Russian magazines. We offer complimentary ad design and translation.

Advertisement on Russian Web Portals

Get new clients by advertising your products or services on Russian Web Portals. We'll get you the best possible results.

Business Reklama provides an extraordinary opportunity for companies that may previously have only used general marketing to attempt to reach new customers. Multi-cultural advertising allows any business that has limited its customer base to main stream clientele to delve into a whole new market. Our 200 page monthly publication is delivered to 12,500 direct mail subscribers and hundreds of businesses throughout New England. This is an opportunity not to miss!

In any segment of the population, people are drawn to commercials and advertising that reflect their own lives. Sometimes in order to attract new customers to your business they need to see how your products and services would actually fit into their unique culture. For this reason, cross-cultural marketing with Business Reklama would bring more customers to your business from the Russian-speaking segment of New England's population.

Business Reklama opens the door for multi-cultural media to reach the Russian-speaking community of New England. Our publication will assist your business in developing a distinct marketing strategy in cross cultural advertising that will reach more than 100,000 new customers and clients in Boston and the surrounding areas. We'll help design an outstanding ad for your business and include free translation services.

A multi-cultural marketing campaign is an intelligent strategic growth plan that- unlike general marketing- allows your company to gain the competitive advantage that comes with a sudden influx of customers from a previously untapped resource. Cross- cultural media such as Business Reklama provides a proven method of expanding your customer base to include thousands of people overlooked by mainstream advertising.